Your Playlists Online™ began as an affordable resource pool for independent music artists

Let’s face it, for years the industry was completely controlled by mega-sized music mammoths. These major record labels practically had every tool, resource, and advantage that any one individual artist did not have for themselves (even after becoming a major recording artists).

At this point, our thirst to give back to the independent artist community has outgrown our comfort levels. So we built  world of resources and organized them so that artists could move faster with their careers- especially independently. We have the backing of 5 independent record labels and a production company, not to mention years of trial and error experience.

Legendary Quality

Obtain excellent graphic design, logos, and visionary brand resources from a team of creatives to support you in looking as good as your music is! 

Brand Enhancements

Step up your brand! We have multiple ways to enhance your brand and that service page will be coming soon! 

Visionary Resources

We work with top notch players in the industry and can get your music in front of the right ears. 

A New Decade

Ironically enough we’ve appeared here in 2020 to make the rest of this decade a smooth one for good music artists. your music needs to be heard and we’re going to help that agenda. We have some pandemic relief packages for $5 – that’s less money than you’ll spend in 5 days on nothing. Of course you can invest $5 into your career without hesitation right?