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Below are premium personalized playlists,
all extremely, meticulously curated

These premium playlists are curated by musically inclined human beings and classified by mood and genre. The strength here isn’t in the amount of followers these playlist have; the strength is in being discovered on these personalized playlists by important real industry professionals.  These lists grow organically over time and represent a mood that listeners can come back to whenever they need a boost.Being selected for these playlists is very much a form of honor. Some users may submit for one playlist, but get placed on another. This is to maintain the integrity of our playlists regardless of opening the gates to the public for submissions. We are eager to place you in our curated library of incredible music on spotify. Welcome to Your Playlists Online™


Understand how important the vibes are by taking a listen...

Below are our partner spotify playlists that generate tons of streams from their artist community

These playlists have more followers than the playlists above, however the special thing about these playlists is that they all have active streamers! The WITNESSTHEFAME™ Music Group Community actively streams these playlists and invites their fans to listen to their music on them. These playlists are 100% organic, 100% safe, and promise a Return on Investment.

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Our personal artist playlists on spotify

These playlists are created by the artists who run all of this. These playlists are now open to the public if submitted music truly personifies the sounds and moods captured!


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